In these captivating, award-winning short films, we aim to inspire and enlighten our audiences by exploring the history, the traditions, the influence and the origins of Canadian cuisine, while capturing the passion of the human element behind each story.
While Canadian cuisine has traditionally been difficult to define, our vision is to acknowledge its foundations and honour the history and heritage of foods generated from our land and shaped by our ancestors.


Each of our Beyond Culinary Canada film and food events are beyond just food and entertainment; we serve up entertaining experiences that pair visual explorations of the origins of Canada’s unique cuisine with the unique menus they inspire.Each film and food event celebrates a different region of Canada, focusing on the corresponding cuisine. While the films inspire unique, specially designed tasting menus, the events are made even more fulfilling with the company of guest speakers.
While our country, from north to south and east to west, doesn’t always share the same culinary traditions, together, the stories behind our foods make up our collective history, and it is all of ours to celebrate.


Giulia Frisina founded Beyond Culinary Canada with one vision in mind, to create beautiful films that not only highlight the rich history of Canadian cuisine, but also tell the stories behind Canada’s food culture.
As the daughter of Italian immigrants, Giulia was born in Toronto but spent most of her summers in Italy, working on her uncle’s farm. The impact of that experience ignited her passion for food from the land, inspiring her to study culinary arts in Florence, Italy.
Giulia’s continuous quest to learn later earned her a BComm in Marketing and Communications, as well as post-graduate educational achievements in both Journalism and Film. Employing that education, Giulia went on to build her career with a number of Toronto’s well-known media organizations including CityTV, CTV, Toronto Life, National Post and many independent production companies around Canada. She later used her experience and interest in the culinary world to launch DiningOut Toronto, a restaurant guide with a strong editorial component that ran successfully for several years.
Today, Giulia is the founder, principal director/producer and writer for Frisina Films, a video production company dedicated to the art of authentic storytelling for both brands and broadcasters. Giulia’s insatiable passion for information combined with a keen sense of framing and narrative allows her to do what she loves most: bringing stories to life through film making. 
A lover of all cultures, Giulia’s films go beyond the food we eat, to delve into a deep understanding of how food influences culture, and how the history behind these stories shape who we are today.
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